Four’s Program

Our Four's Program moves students from kindergarten to become socially and academically prepared and excited to learn.

The Four’s program is designed to enhance skills learned in previous years but more with complexity. Our Preschool program develops the confidence and skills our students need to be Kindergarten ready. Our Four’s and Five’s program offer a balance of self direction and strategic instruction, along with exposure to problem solving tasks to prepare our students to take the NYC Gifted and Talented test. At Worldtots we are an interactive learning community. Preschoolers build skills fundamental to success in academic careers. Small group and individual activities focused on verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning, spatial reasoning and pattern recognition are part of our daily routine.

Our Four’s and Five’s gain respect for all cultures, and foster a strong sense of self-reliance. Our curriculum stimulates each child’s innate curiosity and exploratory nature to prepare children for lifelong learning. Our students are well versed in language, math, and science skills needed to succeed.