We are a preschool for 2 to 5 year old children, focused on a holistic approach to preparing your child for kindergarten. Our curriculum uses research and best practices to develop essential and age-appropriate socio-emotional, physical and cognitive skills that begins at school and continues at home. We believe that high-quality learning doesn’t need to come at a premium, and with love, inspiration and discipline, Worldtots prepares your child for the future.


Low teacher-student ratios:

Our ratios will be capped at 5:1 for the 2s, 6:1 for the 3s, and 8:1 for the 4s, which are lower than state mandated ratios.

Natural and healthy learning environment:

Our facility incorporates the highest standards for clean air and water, toys and furniture made from natural wood and plentiful natural light in every classroom.

Outdoor play and gardening:

Our backyard features an organic garden where children can learn and explore through gardening. It also has a sand box and water table for sand and water play.

Creative play based curriculum:

We believe children learn best through play. However, our play is purposeful and designed to hit the age appropriate goals across all disciplines. Our days will comprise a combination of student directed play in our learning centers and teacher directed curriculum activities. Our teachers will carefully design the learning centers and plan daily activities based on weekly and monthly themes.

Weekly specials:

Our curriculum includes weekly specials in STEM (science and technology), movement (dance and yoga), music, and cooking. A special teacher may come in to conduct some of these lessons and we have found that our students are most attentive and absorbed during these "specials".


Art is a very big part of preschool learning and will be heavily incorporated into our daily activities. Our teachers will guide students through exploring different materials and artistic processes, such as painting on a canvas, making clay, or creating a mosaic collage.


Learning a second language enhances cognitive flexibility and intellectual agility, in addition to being able to speak a second (or third) language! We have mandarin circle time, read aloud and game based lessons every afternoon.


We have incorporated specially designed materials and activities into our daily routines to develop skills essential to the OLSAT/NNAT exams for admissions into G&T programs.