Curriculum Tenets


Each child requires 4 basic needs: Safety, Belongingness, Esteem and Physiological

  • We will always create a safe and loving environment by valuing the input, ideas, and thoughts of our students. We will react to all situations in a positive way by focusing on the things that are good first, then, recommending the things we can help improve.
  • We refer to our students as “friends” and encourage them to refer to their classmates as “friends.” We are consistent and caring    and never harsh or judgmental.
  • We provide opportunities for children to take turns and be successful throughout the day. We praise their efforts and model where they can improve.
  • We will provide opportunities for meals & snacks and welcoming comfortable areas to spend their days.

Feature A child’s emotions are closely related to their learning for Healthy Development

  • We provide opportunities for children to take initiatives.
  • We offer children choices.
  • We give many opportunities for children to express themselves creatively.
  • We allow children the freedom to explore their environment. We permit children to get messy during play.
  • We encourage children to work independently.
  • We value children’s ideas.
  • We promote problem solving and appropriate risk taking

Educational Logical Thinking and Reasoning helps prepare children for Gifted and Talented  Program

  • We address these stages of youngsters development by helping them to refine their logic and construct an accurate understanding of the world by manipulating concrete objects.
  • We give our students the opportunity to work with different objects of different sizes, shapes and colors.
  • We give the children opportunities to learn to sort, classify, compare and sequence.
  • We promote the growth of their knowledge as they experiment, make discoveries and modify their earlier way of thinking to incorporate new insights and higher order thinking skills.