Worldtot's Story

I was born into a Chinese-American family of educators.


My parents’ love of life and passion for teaching have instilled in me important lessons that have prepared me for my own career as well as parenthood.

When I became a mother, I was ready to offer the same opportunities to my own children. So when my first child turned two, I researched preschools that spanned a wide spectrum of educational philosophies, class sizes, cultures, and special emphases; however, the school with the right combination of the offerings I was looking for—the combination I believed many of my peers and friends were looking for—was missing.  I founded Worldtots to fill this gap.

At Worldtots, we believe every child deserves to grow up with the best resources available during his or her early development stages, and every family should have access to these programs at an affordable cost.

This means a thoughtfully developed age- appropriate curriculum that takes the best of several different early childhood teaching philosophies, and infusing into them, materials and activities specifically designed to prepare children for kindergarten. This also means a special focus in introducing a second language—shown to increase children’s cognitive flexibility, promote more developed literacy skills, boost their ability to focus and multitask, and encourage in-depth social and emotional development. Outside of the United States, most countries are multi-lingual, and having been raised in a multi-lingual family, I know firsthand how it has benefited me.

By integrating children’s innate curiosity to play and explore with our purposefully designed learning centers and materials, we are providing guided exposure to skills that will improve their performance in kindergarten and beyond. With our research-based proprietary curriculum as well as our highly qualified and committed staff, Worldtots is preparing the next generation of global citizens to embrace the future.


Lulu Zhou

Co-founder & Executive Director