Babywearing 101: Newborns - Preschoolers

In honor of International Babywearing Week (October 2 - 8, 2017), we wanted to do a post covering the ins and outs of babywearing - including the benefits of babywearing, the best carriers for newborns through preschoolers (yes, some carriers are good up to 60 pounds!), and also some of the risks. Keep reading for Worldtots' Babywearing 101!

Benefits of Babywearing

Wearing your baby or older child is an incredibly intimate bonding experience. Your child will feel secure and you'll love that they are close enough to kiss! It's like one long snuggle, and who doesn't love that?

Another huge benefit for the parent or caregiver wearing the child is that you are hands-free while babywearing. Your hands are free to play with your child in the carrier, hold an older child's hand, drag a suitcase, you name it! You can head into tight crowded spaces without your bulky stroller, or head out with 2 children and just a single stroller rather than the massive double.

Risks of Babywearing

Babywearing can be amazing, but it can also be life endangering if not done properly. You'll want to read tutorials and watch demonstration videos provided by that carrier's manufacturer, and even consider going to a babywearing class to confirm you have the carrier on right and the child in the proper position. If not, there is risk of the child falling out, damaging their hips or spine, or having a compromised airway. 

Best Baby Carriers for Infants

  • Moby Wrap - This long stretchy piece of fabric can be intimidating but extremely comfortable, and can fit from newborn to toddler (up to 35 pounds), and even infant twins.
  • Ergobaby - Very supportive for baby and wearer, has a zippered pocket for storage, buckles make it easy to get on and off, it comes with an infant insert, and is good up to 45 pounds.

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Best Baby Carrier for Toddlers & Preschoolers

  • Tula Ergonomic Carrier - With a maximum weight of 60 pounds, Tula toddler carriers are very popular choice for wearing older children, and with an insert can even be used with newborns.

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Best Baby Carrier for Tandem Babywearing

  • TwinGo Carrier - Like 2 Ergo's that can be worn separately or tandem (one in front and one in back) by removing one set of straps, TwinGo is great for wearing twins or an older and younger sibling (up to 45 pounds in each carrier).

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We hope you found our Babywearing 101 informative!! Leave a comment below with your own tips, tricks, and babywearing stories!

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