Fun Ideas for First Day of School Pictures

Whether you want to wow your friends and family or are just looking for a cute keepsake to memorialize this special moment in time, there are a number of pre-made or DIY props to help you achieve a “Pinterest Perfect” first day of school photo! Below are some of our favorite ideas from Instagram in case you need some inspiration.

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Chalk Art

Kids love drawing with chalk, so why not have some fun together creating a masterpiece in honor of their first day of school!

"Class Of" Tee

You can DIY or buy a pre-made one, but the key is buying a size you think will fit your child when they're 18 and put the year of their anticipated high school graduation on there. It's very cool to watch them slowly grow into the shirt over the years!

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All the Stats

Take this moment to create a snapshot of not just how your child looks, but what their favorite things and dreams for the future are! They'll change dramatically over the years, and it'll be fun to look back on them with him or her! You can create your own board, order a custom one, or buy a chalk or dry erase version that you can keep updating.

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Wooden Blocks

You may be familiar with these wooden block photo props for pregnancy or baby's first year, but some, such as BB Blocks, also include "grade" on one side of the block and make for a great first day photo!

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Kids love balloons - throw a "first day" caption on there and it's a win-win!

There's an App for That!

Maybe you didn't find the right prop, or forgot, but no worries - you can get as creative as you like with an app on your phone or computer! Canva and Picmonkey are great, but there are literally hundreds out there to choose from!

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Picture in a Picture

Take a pic and frame it or have it printed on a canvas - throw it up on your wall to enjoy! Then, when next year's first day of school rolls around, have your child hold last year's picture for the new one. Repeat each year and the result could be absolutely stunning!!

Family Affair

Get a pic of all of your children together on their first day. Better yet, get mom and/or dad in there as well!! After all, it's a special day for you, too!

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Have some fun making a frame with your child to hold for his or her photo! You're not just making a photo, you're making memories!